Hunt over pointers

Hunt over pointers We offer hunting for groups from 3 to 10 hunters.

We have quality and highly trained hounds.

You will hunt in our private shooting preserve with an impressive landscape with open fields, rivers, hoods.We have seven private shooting preserves. All our species available for hunting are autochthonous from our country.

We offer your choose between a dayhunting package prize (contact us) or pay for final's bag pieces number: 30 Euros each partridge 21 Euros each hare 15 Euros each rabbit. The bag is for the hunter. You can also contract us a number of birds and enjoy for hunting days since you beat down the pieces number contracted. With this contract method you are assuring with minimun capital outlay a number of partridges to hunt without any private shooting preserve maintenance. For further information, please fill in the questionaire or call us at +34 926359200